Take the lead and become a team captain!

Thank you for supporting Stampede Scleroderma 2022 as a team captain. You’re helping play a critical role in raising funds to support patients, raise awareness and ultimately find a cure.

We’re here to support you, too. As you grow your team and work toward fundraising milestones, use the helpful resources below.

Tools to help fundraise

Use these easy online tools to meet your goals.

Guide to Being a Team Leader and Fundraising
Consider this your one-stop fundraising shop. Here, you’ll find pre-written social media posts and emails that you can easily share with friends and family or customize to include your team details.

Download the guide now

Email/Social Media
Sending emails and posting status updates/cute visuals on social media are great ways spark support. Be sure to include a link to donate in your message.

Download our pre-made social visuals

Custom Letterhead
Sending out a formal letter or request? Use our official letterhead.

Download black & white Stampede letterhead

Download a color version of Stampede letterhead

Stampede Flyers
Spread the word about our virtual fundraiser with Stampede Scleroderma flyers. We have both color and black and white options available for download.

Download a black & white flyer

Download a color flyer

QR Code Donations
Friends and family can scan and donate with your custom QR code. It’s easy to create... just visit https://www.qr-code-generator.com/ to generate a custom link. The code can link directly to your team’s donation page to make fundraising faster and easier.

Matching Gifts
Many employers match employees' charitable donations. Ask your HR department if they have a matching gift program and ask your team to do the same!

Your Participant Center
Log in to your Participant Center frequently throughout fundraising. There, you can customize your personal page, send email and see your progress.

Community Fundraisers
There are hundreds of creative ways to raise money. Consider trivia parties, game nights, raffles and more.

Your Network
Make a list of people to reach out to, then craft your message. People you may want to reach out to include:

Family and in-laws
Co-workers and classmates
Business associates, customers and vendors
Companies you patronize (e.g. your dry cleaner or doctor)
Friends on social media

How to raise money

Every dollar adds up. If every participant nationwide raised just $100, we'd raise $1.6 million for scleroderma research and support. Here are a few tips to get your team started.

GROW YOUR TEAM. Recruiting team members will increase engagement and donations.

BE SPECIFIC. Asking for a specific amount - like $10, $25 or $50 - can help people make up their mind to give.

LEAD BY EXAMPLE. Make a personal gift to start things off. That often sets the bar for future gifts.

KEEP IT PERSONAL. Remind people why you're invested in the cause and why their support is important to you.

GO ONLINE. Online donations are, on average, twice the size of those made by cash or check. Include a link to donate with every message to make giving easy. If a donor wishes to donate in the form of a check, kindly ask them to send to: National Scleroderma Foundation 300 Rosewood Drive, Suite 105, Danvers, MA 01923. Make sure to include a note “Stampede Scleroderma 2022” and the team name your donor is supporting.

SAY THANK YOU. There's a rule in the fundraising world - ask once, thank twice. Showing appreciation is key to keeping people involved.

Good luck with your fundraising and thank you again for your dedication to our mission.