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Tri-State Support Groups

Each support group provides a setting which is conducive to sharing concerns, information and feelings, in a confidential environment, where members provide encouragement, coping strategies and mutual support.  Meetings have both a social and an educational component which may include a guest speaker or DVD presentation.

We encourage patients to attend with their caregivers and family members allowing all to come to a better understanding of a patient’s journey with scleroderma, how this journey affects their relationships with others and to voice their own concerns when needed.

For meeting dates and times, please click here to see calendar on main page of the website.  There is no charge to attend meetings and all are welcome to attend any support group regardless of location as we are meeting virtually.  However, solicitations or conducting research during meetings is prohibited.


Eastern CT
Leader: Rachael Barta
Tel: (860) 262-4578

Yale/New Haven

New Jersey

Northern NJ
Leader: Anita Ryan
Tel: (973) 726-0677

Bergen County

New York

Leader: Carla Gage
Tel: (518) 573-0259



Greater Rochester
Leader: Marilyn Sibley
Tel: (585) 723-1026 or (585) 234-0398

Long Island
Leader: Suzette McMillian
Tel: (516) 859-8531

Leader: Evamarie Cole
Tel: (646) 270-3452

New York City
Co-Leader: Tiese Mahabir
Tel: (917) 821-4831
Co-Leader: Zeba Hyder
Tel: (212) 777-2832

Orange County, NY
Co-Leader: Jodi Lynn
Tel: (845) 778-7442
Co-Leader: Barbara Celnick
Tel: (845) 987-7737

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The scleroderma community on is thousands of individuals affected by scleroderma talking to each other about their experience with the disease, covering a very wide range of topics. Inspire is a secure, monitored online community where your privacy is protected. It is particularly convenient for anyone who does not live near one a support group meeting place, or cannot attend meetings.

Support Groups are so important because they keep us connected with those we serve. If you are interested in starting a new group in an area that is currently underserved, please call the Tri-State Chapter (800) 867-0885 or email Thank you!